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AGR started off as a company manufacturing and exporting boshi memorials to Japan. As years passed, our skills and ambitions grew out and into the world, leading to the establishment of our Gangsaw division in 2006. We expanded our skill set and started manufacturing various kinds of surfaces and memorials and started to gain international recognition. Gradually, we grew to be where we are now, with cutting-edge machinery, a large stockyard with more than a thousand cubic meters of a hundred different materials, exporting to over 25 countries, and most importantly a 200-strong team with decades worth of experience.

Our strengths lie in our ability to service the most diverse of clientele. We manufacture custom-made patented memorials for our German clients, as well as mass-manufacturing Ogees and square tops for the Eastern European and American markets. Please get in touch with us and we look forward to cooperating with you !

Team Description

AGR is a 200-man team of experienced employees divided into close-knit teams. We scour the entire world in search of high-quality materials and blocks. Our Customer Care office is involved in receiving orders, fixing price lists, handling queries and logistics. The Production Planning team is a group of experts in Computer Aided Design, handling precise measurements and drawings. The Production Group is full of professionals in the various facets of Granite processing, ranging from dry cutting, polishing, operating wire-saws and gangsaws, et cetera. Our Packing team involves itself in finding ergonomic packing methods and suitable packing materials. All in all, the entire process sails smooth because of the skill and efficiency of our members.

Process Flow

By keeping to this rigid system of production, we ensure that issues are kept at the absolute minimum possible, while maintaining swift, smooth and timely delivery within 8 weeks.

Offer Received




Monument Approvel


All AGR surfaces can be produced in thicknesses ranging from 2cm up to 20cm.

Finishes include – Polished I Honed I Leathered I Caressed I Flamed I Flamed & Brushed I Sandblasted

Our Commitment To Fight Child Labour

We at Arkay Glenrock are deeply concerned by the issue of Child Labour. AGR does not have any child labourers under its employ, nor has it ever. We ensure no child labour involvement in the complete cycle, from raw material procurement stage to shipment. We have been certified as having no child labourers working for us. It is a disgusting, inhumane act, and we have never allowed it to happen under any circumstances.

Environmental Awareness

AGR takes the adverse environmental effects of factories very seriously. We have set up solar panels to generate electricity. Approximately 50% of our energy expenditure is generated from solar power. We also buy Wind-generated and conventional electricity, and we are slowly shifting towards completely renewable, non-polluting forms of energy.

We have set up water filtration and rainwater harvesting plants so that we may recycle the water used in the production process, thereby greatly decreasing our water needs while simultaneously doing our part to the environment.