Arkay Glenrock is headquartered near the city of Madurai, in Southern India.

We are a 20-year-old enterprise supplying Natural Stone surfaces and memorials to over 25 countries world-wide. We possess two quarries.

The factory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery, such as 4 Gaspari gangsaws, Breton & Thibaut polishing machinery, multi-wire saws, and block cutters etc. We also have a 200-strong team with a dedication to quality in service.

Our priority has always been ensuring satisfaction and closure in the hearts of our customers.

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Our Presence in the UK

We at AGR have opened up a stockyard in Birmingham, UK to cater to the needs of the British wholesalers.

Mansa Enterprises is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGR and offers the complete range of Indian granites as well as a good collection of quartz surfaces at client import prices. Please visit to learn more.

our service

AGR is a company with over two decades of experience in the manufacture of natural stone surfaces and memorials. We have established an expert team with total commitment to quality and service.


Natural stone has become an essential part of every living space. Be it a well-made kitchen countertop or large slabs carpeting entire rooms, spaces feel incomplete without the use of natural stone. At AGR, we strive to stock an extensive collection of the finest Indian granites for every possible application.


Made in reverence of the ideals and beliefs upon which men and women lived. As tangible objects made to represent the inherently intangible, memorials must be produced with the most valuable materials, befitting the departed. These ideas are at the core of every monument produced at AGR. Just as every person is different, we strive to accentuate and express these differences in our product range.